January 4, 2014


Stormy conditions Thursday afternoon in Forestville


Winter Storm Hercules visited Forestville parts of Thursday and Friday leaving 5 inches of snow and bitter temperatures. 


Temperatures in the ville dropped below zero Saturday night and the cold air is expected to remain in place today. 


“I am frustrated with this weather,” said a pointed and exasperated Silas Minutia following his shift at Mr. Bubbles Car Wash. 

Unknown Man Visits Forestville

December 15, 2013


Unknown Man spotted Friday in Forestville

An unknown man was in the center of Forestville Friday afternoon along the sidewalk between Nuchies and 150 Central. 


Wearing non-descript clothing, locals had no idea who he was or what he was doing in Forestville. 

He met with no one, spoke with no one and left with no one.  He came…he saw…he left. 

Most perplexing.

Hello Again Forestville

December 13, 2013
Hello Forestville!
I am back! I think. Well, I hope. Happy to see me?  Did you miss me? I missed you.
Post concussion syndrome is not much fun.
Currently, the plan is to post stories again about the ville.
Enjoy the photo. The world famous Route 72 at night.

Forestville Update: Sidewalks, Party & Cell Phone Tower

October 3, 2012

The new sidewalks are here! The new sidewalks are here!

This…is Forestville for Wednesday October 3, 2012.

The sidewalks constructed in the center of the village are complete and citizens are enjoying the new walk ways as there has been brisk foot traffic. A ribbon cutting ceremony planned for the grand opening was abruptly canceled when the ribbon failed to arrive.

John and Barbara Deavers will be having their annual Halloween party on October 27th. Invitations are going out the end of this week.

A 23 year old Forestville resident wants a cell tower in Forestville village. “Bristol has one why can’t we? I am tired of my calls not going through,” said an agitated Lloyd Mobley at the canceled ribbon cutting ceremony.

Village life is difficult. The summers are long; the winters longer and everything else is in between.

Good night Forestville…and good luck.

Mr. Bubbles Promotes Mitchell Luby

September 13, 2012

Mr Bubbles car Wash promotes local resident

Mr. Bubbles Car Wash, the notorious car wash along East Main Street in Forestville, announced today the appointment of Mitchell Luby to Assistant Night Supervisor.

Mr. Luby joined Mr. Bubbles as just an assistant five years ago.  He received his GED in 2005 and has held various jobs in the community.  Occasionally Mr. Luby attends mass at Saint Matthew Church.

“We are fortunate to have someone like Mitch working for the company and I am pleased that he was promoted,” said his co-worker and friend Banana Bob.

Baseball Field at the New Green Hills School

July 29, 2012

View from Field 1 of Forestville Little League with Green Hills in the background

The ball fields at the new Green Hill School are progressing.  The backstops are in and the infields are laid out. To the untrained eye one field appears to be a big league diamond, and the the other a softball diamond or a Little League diamond.  The fields are built in the area that formally had contained two Little League fields and a batting cage.  But the city of Bristol, the landowner, destroyed the Little League fields in order to construct the new school.  Forestville Little League which had three fields prior to construction now has one.  With the school scheduled to open this August let the games begin!

The view from the backstop of the smaller field.

The big league diamond

Happy Halloween Forestville has no power!

October 31, 2011

Another closed road in Forestville

A freak autumn nor’easter ripped through Forestville Saturday and Sunday leaving most residents without power.  Power lines are down all over Forestville resulting impassable road ways.  Due to the lack of lights and heat, long lines have resulted at gas stations and eateries.  According to some estimates it could be a week before power is returned to the ville.

Schools canceled classes M

What a mess

Schools canceled classes Monday and Tuesday and the mayor, while declaring a state of emergency, urged trick or treaters to stay home.

So in the last six months we have experienced a blizzard, a hurricane, an earthquake, flooding and a crippling nor’easter.  Check the boundaries is this really Forestville?  Nothing happens here, ever.  What’s next locusts?  A volcano?  Tsunami?


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