Bob Knepper buys ping pong table, friends and neighbors happy

June 16, 2009
Ping pong table rasies eyebrows

Ping pong table rasies eyebrows

Village resident Bob Knepper recently purchased a ping pong table, much to the delight of his friends and neighbors. 

According to Mr. Knepper he bought the $650.00 table (62” H x 74” W x 30” D) so he and his buddies can get together and play table tennis on Saturday nights.  It is thought to be the only recreational game of its kind in the central Connecticut village.  Consequently, neighbors have been marveling at its appearance in the Knepper garage for two days.  As a result, the purchase has caught the attention of Heather Ross, President of the Forestville Tourism Association (FTA). 

The long time FTA president said the ping pong table will be good for the community, and she will consider adding it to the “Things to Do” section of the Forestville Visitor’s Guide.  However, in a statement Ms. Ross showed frustration, “I am disappointed that this recreational game was purchased online from an out of state merchant.  Forestville residents are aware that they should be dutifully supporting Forestville retailers.  Knepper knows this and he better get with the program.  This is not the first time.  I will notate this in his permanent record.”

Mr. Knepper said he looks forward to discussing the matter with Heather Ross so he can set the record straight.