Forestville man finds image of Jesus Christ on potato chip

Jesus Chip 001

Forestville resident Al Tunis was eating from a can of Pringle Potato Chips yesterday when he claims he came upon a potato chip bearing the image of Jesus Christ, the son of God. “It looks kind of like the Jesus from the Shroud of Turin,” said a surprised Tunis. 

The potato chip clearly displays the image of a man with a beard and shoulder length hair.  Local church leaders had no coment nor did Pringles. 

Mr. Tunis denies he drew the image on the partially eaten potato chip, “How could I do that?  I don’t know how to draw.”  Uh huh.

Forestville has never experienced anything similar to this.  As the situation develops I will post updates.



5 Responses to Forestville man finds image of Jesus Christ on potato chip

  1. Dr Alfred Bedior says:

    After examining the image on the snack product on your blog I must conclude it is not Jesus but the native American deity Ga-gaah. “The wise crow from the kindom of the sun who gave us corn. It’s a common mistake. I‘ve spent many years studying apparitions and deities in food products and have seen this thing before. Judeo Christian apparitions seem to limit themselves to toasted grain products while native american spirits seem to prefer corn snacks. My current line of research is Asian deities appearing chinese takeout.

  2. Dr Alfred Bedior says:

    Maybe I misspoke or did I. Why did the deity Ga-gaah. “The wise crow from the kindom of the sun who gave is corn” appear in what is supposed to be a potato snack food? After all Ga-gaah apperitions traditionally limit themselves to corn based food products such as the 1978 appearance of Ga-gaah in a bag of UTZ Puff’n Corn or the apperition/miracle durning the Katrina Hurricane aftermath in which a water stain likeness of Ga-gaah appeared on a box of Goya pre cooked corn flour. That 1 box of corn flour fed 20 stranded Katrina survivors for 2 weeks!
    My point is this, what we may have here is. That this is Ga-gaahs way of telling us the goodness of maise may be in this snack food.

  3. alanboardman says:

    I did hear something about a Puff’n Corn apperition/miracle in 1978. I forgot all about it!

    I am going to visit with Tunis this week and get an update on his apperition.

  4. hi says:

    it’s drawn in graphite. this is a bad joke.

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