Forestville Sasquatch Update

September 10, 2009
The Broad Street Pump Station, Forestville, CT

The Broad Street Pump Station, Forestville, CT

Following my story last week about the Forestville Sasquatch, I was approached by several residents with varying personal accounts.  Some village dwellers, who wish not to be identified for fear of being ostracized by Forestville‘s ruling class, have heard strange intermittent noises over the last month, mostly at night.  They also complained of a strange smell that has wafted through the air of late.  A few others stated they saw what appeared to be a dark object lurking within the wooded area behind the pump station along the Pequabuck River on Broad Street. 

So, Monday evening about an hour before dusk, I made a preliminary trip to the area just to check it out.  I walked east along the railroad tracks and slowly crossed the small wooden bridge that goes over the river before navigating my way down along the dried rocky, river bed.  There are several paths for hiking near the edge of the river, and they did look recently traversed.  However, although there was no evidence of large footprints which are generally associated with a Sasquatch sighting, the forested area did show numerous snapped branches and canopies for something to sleep under.

Rain is predicted for later this week and hopefully my schedule will permit me to investigate the area in more detail this weekend.

Due to credibility issues for some of the eyewitnesses, I must admit this story intrigues me even if I think it is BS. 

Here is a satellite link for the area in question.


Forestville has a new bump in the road

September 6, 2009
Forestville's new bump

Forestville's new bump

This is for Solomon Weeks who says I never report on road and travel news.

Due to the Route 72 road construction Forestville has a new bump, depending on weather you are leaving or entering the village on East Main Street.  You can’t miss it because there are signs along the side of the road in both directions (east and west) warning the traveler of the bump. 

 Solomon, are you happy?

The bump has a road sign

The bump has a road sign

Sasquatch spotted?

September 3, 2009
Is there a Bigfoot roaming in the Pequabuck River?

Is there a Bigfoot roaming in the Pequabuck River?

Is there a Sasquatch in the Forestville area?  Well, in recent weeks several residents told me they saw a hairy creature in the Pequabuck River near the Broad Street Pump Station that stands about six feet tall.  The unidentified creature was seen traipsing through the Pequabuck River early in the morning over the last few weeks.  However, a volunteer with the Forestville Department of Forestry stated off the record that it in all likelihood the creature in question is probably a bear.  But Dewey Jasper (the only person willing to go on the record) who works near the Pump Station doubts it, “I hunt and I have seen bears up close so I know what a bear looks like.  The thing I saw was not a bear.” 

 I don’t know what to make of this. 

 More to come.