Forestville resident Makes Bold World Series Prediction: Yankees win in 6

October 28, 2009

2009 World Sereis Logo

Here is how I see the 2009 World Series.

Starting Lineups: Close but a two hundred and fifty million dollar payroll buys a lot.

Advantage Yankees

Starting Pitching: After Cliff Lee who do the Phillies have, Pedro?  Despite what he did versus the Dodgers I am not convinced.

Advantage Yankees

Bullpen: One word, Mariano

Advantage: Yankees

Bench: Joe Girardi has no reason to use his bench other than when they are in a National League ballpark because they have an all-star at almost every position.

Advantage: Phillies

Manager: Charlie Manuel is no Dick Williams but Joe Girardi?  Please, he likes to play with his toys too much.  He manages a game like he has to prove how smart he is. 

Advantage: Phillies

Intangibles: The Phillies seem to find a way to win.

Advantages: Phillies

Umpires: Not even close.  There will be several bad calls and certainly a few controversial ones.  As a result, somehow and someway the Yankees will get more calls their way.

Advantage: Yankees

Series MVP: Jorge Posada. 

With all the silliness of him catching or not catching, I believe he will have a great series. Plus he is a switch hitter. Besides although I am no fan of the team from New York, I like Posada.

Bottom Line: Yankees in 6.

Question: Which is worse?  A whiney Red Sox fan or a spoiled, obnoxious Yankees fan? 

Answer: I’ll let you know when the series is over.


Possible Drainage Issue with Route 72

October 25, 2009
Drainage 01 10-25-09 Looking West

Route 72 looking west to Lincoln Avenue

These photos were taken this morning of Route 72 looking west to Lincoln Avenue (behind the Stop & Shop). Notice the leaves blocking the drain? That can’t be good. Following last night’s rain storm there is two inches of standing water.

Drainage 03 10-25-09

Close up view

Route 72 Update: Uncompleted Route 72 Extension has graffiti

October 18, 2009
Looking west below the bridge

Looking west below the bridge

Well, it only took a year but the still uncompleted Route 72 Extension has graffiti on the Forest Street Footbridge. 
I was there almost one year ago and there was not even a scribble.  Today it is riddled with all sorts of foul language.
On second thought it is not graffiti. It is vandalism.

The Ballad of Forestville Little League

October 12, 2009
Forestville Little League

Forestville Little League

A little birdie told me there was a “secret” meeting held at the Forestville Little League (FLL) complex two weeks ago to discuss the fate of the league.  No minutes were taken and no decisions made, but one influential board member lobbied for the league to fold due to its lack of success at the tournament level. 

Pardon me but, WTF? 

I don’t usually comment but these things work in cycles.  While there may be a lack of recent success at the tournament level but so what.  Is this about tournament championships or teaching kid’s baseball and life lessons? 

Forestville has a long history of winning District Champions 5 Championships staring in 1964 and continuing with titles in 1974, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1982, 1988, and 1989.  Of course one would never know this because there are no signs, pennants, or flags about the complex showing their storied history.  Unlike McCabe Waters Little League (one of two cross town rivals) which proudly displays their championships on their outfield fences. 

Just for the record, Edgewood Little League (the other cross town rival) did not win their first District Championship until 1990 and that league formed in the late 1950s.  Should they have folded too?

Don’t believe me about the District 5 information? Well, that can be found here:


FLL 04 

Oh and one more thing.  The same little birdie chirped told that FLL Major League Division (Boys 9-12) will play several regular season games versus McCabe Waters in 2010.