New business in Forestville

The site of a new package store on East Main Street

The former location of Bank of America in the center of town (East Main Street) will soon to be a package store, pending approval of the all necessary permits.  Word on the street is that party goers, alcoholics, casual drinkers and drunks have been lobbying village leaders for another package store. God knows there are not enough of them in the area. No doubt this will be a boom of tourism.  We’re so lucky.

What does it say about us that a single book store cannot stay open or struggles to survive in the Forestville/Bristol area but package stores, which specialize in the sale of alcoholic beverages, flourish. 

Okay. Went of the reservation there for a bit. Feel better now.

I am sure the owners intentions are good and it will create 3 to 5 jobs. I’m just sayin is all.



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