Forestville resident Toby Jacks electrocuted

February 28, 2010

Image swiped from Mr. Jacks Facebook page, per his permission.

Forestville resident Toby Jacks was electrocuted yesterday at his mother’s home while adjusting some electrical wires.  He was released from the hospital early this morning.  According to his mother he is home resting comfortably. 

This is the latest in a long line of injuries for Mr. Jacks.  You may remember that he was struck by lightning while jousting with Kenneth Snipps in the field behind Green Hills School two years ago.  And last year Toby broke his coccyx when he fell off the roof of his mother’s home. 

Mr. Jacks is a member of the Save the Forestville Sasquatch movement, a group of local residents that believe there is a Bigfoot creature residing in the village of Forestville during the summer and early fall.  In addition, he is a member of the Forestville Polar Bear Club. 

We wish Toby a safe recovery.

A tough day for Toby Jacks


Forestville Polar Bear Club Swims Again

February 10, 2010

The Forestville Polar Bear Club will take their annual winter plunge into frigid Pine Lake for an early morning swim this Saturday at 7 AM., sharp.  The nearly naked swimmers are to enter the lake near the Pine Street water runoff.

The Forestville Polar Bear Club was created by Forestville resident and entrepreneur Norbert Pendleton in 1992.  In order to participate in Saturday’s swim, you must be a member of the Forestville Polar Bear Club.  Membership in the club is by invitation only at the discretion of its president and founder, Norbert Pendleton.

Colts will Win Super Bowl XLIV

February 7, 2010

Bad logo equals a bad game

First of all is it just me but isn’t the logo for Super Bowl XLIV terrible?  Look at it!  It’s orange.  Yuck. 

I have this theory if the logo is bad the game is bad.  Take a look at the logos for Super Bowl’s IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX.  Terrible logos followed by terrible games. I could site other games but I don’t have the time.   

Okay, you have heard the experts all week so here is my take. 

Colts 41 Saints 27. 

The offenses are even but the difference is the defense.  The Colts is better.

Kicking will play a big factor in the game because the Colts will kick away from Reggie Bush all day. 

One oddity of note, the losing team (Yes the Colts could very well lose) will score at least 24 points.



Here is a link to look at past Super Bowl logos.

Super Bowl Party at the Deavers’!

February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Party Plates

Well, it is official.  John and Barbara Deavers are having a Super Bowl Party this Sunday and most of Forestville should be there (I hope to run into Forestville’s own Kenneth Snipps and discuss those letters of his).  There will be plenty of food featuring chili, salsa, hot dogs, deviled eggs, pasta, Buffalo Wings and a snack table. 

 The party is to begin around 4 p.m. and will last into the night, long after the game has concluded.