Forestville’s new attraction

June 21, 2010

Pond at the end of Route 72 looking north

At the west end of the still incomplete Route 72 extension lays Forestville’s newest attraction, a drainage pond.  The body of standing water, filled with mosquitoes, algae, dead trees, and debris from the construction, was created as drainage catch for Pine Lake and the water issues raised as a result of the new construction.

Pond looking northwest

Local government officials do not know if the unnamed pond is a temporary structure or if Forestville residents will be able to enjoy it for decades to come.


Route 72 Graffiti

June 21, 2010

Looking west below the Forest Street Bridge

The graffiti below the Forest Street Footbridge was recently removed by DOT officials in preparation of the grand opening of the Route 72 extension this August.  No word from local trouble makers when the graffiti will return.

Below is how the bridge appeared in October of 2009.

Below bridge October 2009