Car won’t start…Forestville resident not happy

November 30, 2010

Faulty car brought to this location

A local motorist could not start his car earlier today, according to eyewitnesses.

Mike Dorfman, a Forestville resident, got into his car parked on Garden Street Terrace, one of Forestville’s most picturesque roads, and turned the key to the ignition and received no response from the engine.

The crippled car was taken by a flat bed truck to Academy Auto Sales just around the corner on Academy Street for diagnosis and repairs.  A worker for the company, who wished not to be identified, said the car would be road worthy by tomorrow afternoon.  “This is so stupid,” said a dissatisfied Mike Dorfman.




Forestville is thankful

November 24, 2010

Forestville Thanksgiving

Forestville is thankful for the Forestville Cemetery because we have a place to bury our dead.

Forestville is thankful for O’Brien Funeral Home which buries our dead.

Forestville is thankful for the dumpster behind Cumberland Farms because it is a good place to bring garbage when you can’t get to the dump.

Forestville is thankful for our railroad tracks which give our teenagers somewhere to go on Saturday nights.

Living on Forestville time

Forestville is thankful for the clock in Central Square which allows us to live on Forestville time.

Forestville is thankful for Route 72, without it we would be a village without a road.

Forestville is also thankful for Pine Lake and the scenery it provides, and the post office for our mail.

Welcome to Forestville

Forestville is thankful for the Forestville Village Association and the wonderful events they sponsor.

Forestville is thankful to Forestville Little League for providing a venue for our kids to play baseball.

Lastly, Forestville is thankful for Manross Library, the Pequabuck River and the fact that we are not part of Plainville.


Phyllis Vark to defend Mrs. Forestville title in 2011

November 18, 2010

Phyllis Vark 2010 promotional photo

Phyllis Vark the 2010 winner of the Mrs. Forestville contest announced today she will defend her title in 2011.  The Mrs. Forestville Beauty Pageant celebrates married women in Forestville and is held every February at Nuchie’s.  The participants are evaluated on cooking, cleaning, party preparation, general hygiene, punctuality and attractiveness.

Phyllis Vark, the married mother of three and wife to John Vark, hopes to be the first repeat champion since Barbara Deavers.

Past winners include Cookie Genison, Betty Potter and Barbara Deavers, a six time champion.

Billboard still vacant

November 11, 2010

Infamous vacant billboard

A popular billboard with Forestville residents normally used to promote a note worthy product or a local establishment remains blank.  The billboard located in the parking lot behind 150 Central Street has gone unused for years.  All that remains of the aging billboard is the faded advertisement for a failed restaurant featuring northern Italian cuisine.  Efforts to reach the owner of the billboard were unsuccessful.

Star Light Market Closed

November 5, 2010

Star Light Market Rest in Peace

The Star Light Market located on the corner of Birch and Pine Streets is officially closed.  The popular convenience store, which had a variety of names and owners over its many years, was sold to the city of Bristol so Forestville could expand Green Hills School to a K-8.

Deavers Halloween Party

November 4, 2010

There is a great divide socially and economically when it comes to living in Forestville, you either live north of the railroad tracks or south of the railroad tracks, there is no in between.  However, when it comes to a party at the home of John and Barbara Deavers, Forestville’s most opulent couple, it does not matter where you reside in the village because for that brief moment we are all one.

It seemed as though all of Forestville attended the Deavers annual Halloween Party at their palatial estate last Saturday night.  The guest list included Audra and Solomon Weeks, Cookie Gension, Juan Gutierrez, Kletis Denim, Mitchell Luby and a date, Hank Lee Bowers and his wife Lisa, Mike Hill, Al Tunis, Bob Kneeper, Mr. and Mrs. Youch, Joe Kapperstein, Dewey Jasper, Norbert Pendleton, Zack Flanders, party crashers Maria Malvado and Silas Minutia, Larson Canover, Heather Ross and her husband Rick and countless others.

Unfortunately John Deavers was not in attendance because he was away on business, and what a shame because he missed another fantastic party thrown by his wife.  Their home was decorated in Halloween garb and the band hired for the night played a steady soundtrack of rock-n-roll hits from the 60s, 70s and 80s.

The best costume prize, which is very popular and brings out the best in Forestville’s residents creativity, went to garage mechanic Hank Lee Bowers.  Mr. Bowers attended the party dressed as a breathalyzer.

At the end of the evening Mrs. Deavers assured me their annual Christmas Party will go on without Mr. Deavers as he will be away.  She will conduct their carol sing through the streets of Forestville…north and south of the railroad tracks.