Vlad the Impaler Christmas Cards designed in the Ville

December 19, 2010

A draft of the Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card

Forestville retailers have been selling an unusual Christmas card this holiday season, the Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card.  The card designed by two Forestville residents, who wish not to be identified, have been appearing in village shops for several weeks.

The card shows the Romanian ruler impaling a Christmas elf as he hangs an ornament on a tree.  According to several with intimate knowledge of the project, the humorous cards have sold out.  No world on whether additional cards will be produced or sold.



More problems for Forestville’s Tanner family

December 4, 2010

Smokey the Cat Injured

More problems for Forestville’s Tanner family.  Ted and Nancy Tanner’s youngest child Timmy yanked a limb to their Christmas tree causing the evergreen to fall on himself Saturday.  Timmy was not injured in the accident but the family cat Smokey was impaled by the star on top of the tree.  The cat was rushed to a local veterinarian, treated for his injuries and released after lunch.  According to Ted Tanner, Smokey is resting comfortably.


Family cat causes Forestville toddler to be hit by falling Christmas tree

December 3, 2010

Smokey knocks down Christmas tree

Tragedy struck the home of Ted and Nancy Tanner early today (Friday) when their Christmas tree toppled over and landed on their two year old son Timmy.  Smokey, the Tanner’s curious cat, scaled the 8 foot pine shortly after breakfast causing the tree to fall on young Timmy, who was playing nearby.  The Tanners calmed Timmy’s frayed nerves, cleaned up the debris and banished Smokey from the family room.

Forestville widow changes light bulb, grandson looks on

December 2, 2010

Step stool used to change light bulb

Forestville widow Martha Gardner went into her kitchen last night to answer a ringing telephone, and noticed the overhead light above the sink was not working.  Determined to see adequately in the kitchen, Martha realized she needed a new light bulb so she made the twenty foot walk to her pantry to retrieve a new 40 watt bulb.

After positioning a step stool, Martha carefully climbed the two steps.  Grasping the defective bulb lightly in one hand she began to turn counter clock wise, while her grandson Charlie looked on.  The bulb, now released from the socket, was dispended into a garbage receptacle and the replacement bulb was inserted into the vacated socket by turning it clockwise.

Satisfied that the bulb was in the correct position, Martha instructed Charlie to push the light switch button which illuminated the room.  “Now I can move on to other pressing household matters,” Martha said.

Forestville family puts up Christmas tree

December 1, 2010

Location of purchased Christmas tree

Much to the delight of their children Tom, Laura and Timmy, the home of Ted and Nancy Tanner is now bustling with the sights of the Christmas season.  Early Tuesday evening the Tanners put up a Christmas tree in their living room.

The evergreen, purchased Monday night from Red Shed Christmas Trees on Central Street, looks full and trimmed along the top and back.  However, due to their busy schedules, the Tanner’s can’t decorate the tree until Thursday night.  “I have to get the ornaments, lights, wreaths and garland from our basement and Ted…well, I’m not sure what Ted has to do but once he is done watching me go up and down the stairs with boxes full of Christmas supplies we will be ready,” said Mrs. Tanner.

The Tanners stated once the tree is decorated they will begin placing presents beneath its limbs.