The new potholes are here!

January 30, 2011

The first pothole, more to come

Lookout Forestville, the first pothole of the winter arrived today.  Spotted at the bottom of Central Street near Cumberland Farms, it was tastefully adorned in a neutral color of black.  The pothole embraced the recent asymmetrical trends in potholes with a stellar display of chunks of tar and loose particles of road surface scattered along the intersection.  The pothole accessorized nicely by leaving several divots in the road.  Based on this showcase it will be a stellar spring for potholes.

Pothole: "I am ready for my close-up Mr. Demille."




Another Day Another Snow Storm in the ville

January 27, 2011

Forestville disappearing

Helloooooooooo Forestville!

Has everyone dug out from the latest snowfall?  I measured 14 inches in my driveway this morning.  I was out there shoveling, battling the elements having a blast; singing songs…NOT!

The person who keeps praying for snow, please stop.

Right now we are at 47 inches…for the month.  The National Weather Service claims that is a record!  Really?  Do we get a trophy?

When all this snow melts there is going to be a thaw advisory.

By the way, “they” say more snow is on the way for early next week. Wow. We should a get welcoming committee together so the snow can see what the ville is all about.

I hope it stops snowing soon so I can write about something else.

Brrrrrr Cold! And more snow coming

January 24, 2011

Where are we going to put the snow?

Winter continues in the ville with daytime high temperatures expected to reach 2 degrees below zero today.  Oh and more snow expected this week too; a possible nor’easter.  Where are we going to put it?  After last week’s storms and the blizzard the previous week, there is no room.  Yeah!

Forestville Prepares for Possible Blizzard

January 11, 2011

Forestville preparing for epic snow storm

From Academy Street to West Washington Street residents of the ville are readying for a snow storm of epic proportions.  The storm is expected to drop 2-3 inches of snow an hour beginning late tonight.  Accumulations are expected to be 15-20 inches.  The snow will continue until mid-day Wednesday with winds nearing 30 miles an hour.

Driving conditions will be extremely hazardous by daybreak due to snow covered roads and low visibility.

Forestville’s schools undoubtedly will be closed and activities planned by village elders canceled.

Updates forthcoming.


Icicles Over Forestville

January 9, 2011

Icicles in Forestville

Forestville received five inches of fresh powder Friday night into early Saturday, and another inch or two early Sunday morning.  With cold and windy conditions there are plenty of icicles in the ville.