Another Day Another Snow Storm in the ville

Forestville disappearing

Helloooooooooo Forestville!

Has everyone dug out from the latest snowfall?  I measured 14 inches in my driveway this morning.  I was out there shoveling, battling the elements having a blast; singing songs…NOT!

The person who keeps praying for snow, please stop.

Right now we are at 47 inches…for the month.  The National Weather Service claims that is a record!  Really?  Do we get a trophy?

When all this snow melts there is going to be a thaw advisory.

By the way, “they” say more snow is on the way for early next week. Wow. We should a get welcoming committee together so the snow can see what the ville is all about.

I hope it stops snowing soon so I can write about something else.


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