Forestville Little League Fields 2 and 3 are no more

March 30, 2011

A view from Field 1 to the old Field 2 Field 3 and the batting cages

Forestville Little League’s (FLL) Fields 2 and 3 are officially gone.

The sounds of batted balls, cheering fans and excited kids have been replaced by the rumble of bulldozers and dump trucks.  The fields, located on Board of Education property on Pine Street, were leveled so Green Hills School could expand to K-8.  Rising from the ruins will be a soccer field and a regulation baseball diamond, which will convert to a Little League field when needed.

The batting cages, formally located between Fields 2 and 3, will be moved to a location near Field 1.

In a related matter, a group of volunteers from FLL were preparing their remaining field for play this past Saturday.

According to sources Forestville Little League’s season is begin the week of April 10.




The Kenneth Snipps Question

March 24, 2011

A Kenneth Snipps letter

I have been delaying this post for awhile but I feel now is the time to address the Kenneth Snipps question because I every few weeks I receive e-mails asking the following: Who is Kenneth Snipps?

I do not profess to know Kenneth but I live in Forestville and so does he so that makes me an expert. To the best of my knowledge I have met him at various village functions or parties thrown by John and Barbara Deavers. So, for all you Snipps devotees, here is what I do know:

Kenneth Snipps is a short, timid and neatly dressed thirty something year old man with no family to speak of that I am aware. He is well mannered but he is shy and gullible. I don’t know where he works or his educational background.

According to his friend Toby Jacks, in the last year he had an accident requiring medical attention and a fire in his home. Kenneth also had or has a serious health issue the extent of which I do not know. Kenneth’s friends such as Norbert Pendleton will only say it is being treated and he is improving. Kenneth’s friends and associates tend to be very protective of him.

As for his letters, he sends them all over the world. I know this for a fact because I have received e-mail inquiries from Germany, England, Spain, Australia and Japan seeking information.

I do not know why he writes his letters but his friends tell me he does not own a telephone or have regular access to the internet so he must write letters and cards to communicate.

I have read his letters because his recipients send me scans, and in my opinion I believe that he believes everything he writes about.

I know this won’t answer everyone’s questions but I hope it helps.



More Trouble for Forestville’s Jellybean

March 9, 2011

Pine Lake Jellybean's last known whereabouts

Forestville’s favorite son has more problems.

According to sources about sunset last Friday, the man known only as “Jellybean” turned off of Pine Street and drove his road weary min-van to the home of his boss and employer Solomon Weeks.

Weeks rarely permits visitors to his modest home which is built in the shadows of the ESPN campus just off Birch street, but by 7PM, he had a full house of co-workers including Dan Blazjowski celebrating a new large snow plowing and landscaping contract.

Jellybean entered Solomon’s living room and after acknowledging the gathered guests he picked up the guitar that was on display above the fireplace.  Unable to find the sound he was looking he dropped the autographed six string Fender on the floor, and went to the kitchen in search of a drink.

Jellybean opened various beverages and drank from each one until he found a suitable cocktail.

Leaving the opened containers behind, he then took a bath and returned to the kitchen wearing just a bandanna around his head.

“Hey Blaz,” Jellybean eagerly said acknowledging his snow plowing partner. Grabbing Blazjowski affectionately Jellybean said it was good to see him but did he have any beer.  Blazjowski motioned with his head to the garage. Raising an eyebrow Jellybean darted to the garage to find an ale of his liking.

“I can’t believe it,” Solomon Weeks said to Blazjowski near the foyer. “Jelly came by just after Jeopardy and he’s been on fire since he got here.”

After returning from the garage and playing an impassioned game of Pictionary with Al Tunis, Bob Kneeper and several others, Jellybean began making long distance phone calls from the Week’s land line and ordered pizzas from several area establishments because he, Tunis and Kneeper were hungry.

After the pizzas arrived and Jellybean could not find anything suitable to drink he left the party.  He was last seen parked near Pine Lake early Saturday morning but has not been seensince.