The Kenneth Snipps Question

A Kenneth Snipps letter

I have been delaying this post for awhile but I feel now is the time to address the Kenneth Snipps question because I every few weeks I receive e-mails asking the following: Who is Kenneth Snipps?

I do not profess to know Kenneth but I live in Forestville and so does he so that makes me an expert. To the best of my knowledge I have met him at various village functions or parties thrown by John and Barbara Deavers. So, for all you Snipps devotees, here is what I do know:

Kenneth Snipps is a short, timid and neatly dressed thirty something year old man with no family to speak of that I am aware. He is well mannered but he is shy and gullible. I don’t know where he works or his educational background.

According to his friend Toby Jacks, in the last year he had an accident requiring medical attention and a fire in his home. Kenneth also had or has a serious health issue the extent of which I do not know. Kenneth’s friends such as Norbert Pendleton will only say it is being treated and he is improving. Kenneth’s friends and associates tend to be very protective of him.

As for his letters, he sends them all over the world. I know this for a fact because I have received e-mail inquiries from Germany, England, Spain, Australia and Japan seeking information.

I do not know why he writes his letters but his friends tell me he does not own a telephone or have regular access to the internet so he must write letters and cards to communicate.

I have read his letters because his recipients send me scans, and in my opinion I believe that he believes everything he writes about.

I know this won’t answer everyone’s questions but I hope it helps.




4 Responses to The Kenneth Snipps Question

  1. Mrs.B says:

    I recieved a letter from Mr. Snipps this past week! It was quite funny! Not sure how he would have got my business address unless He has some sort of Internet access because I am not listed in any phone books!

    • alanboardman says:

      Mrs. B,

      Thanks for reading! I am always interested in hearing about Mr. Snipps letters. Hmmm, that is interesting. I will have to ask Kenneth the next time I see him. Perhaps at the Halloween party or New Years. He has kept a low profile as of late as he has not attended any social events conducted by the Deavers’.

  2. JR BAGGINS says:

    I noticed that Mr. Snipps has two neighbors named Pendelton, Norman and Norbert. Are they brothers or maybe twins? If anyone would know, I am sure it would be you.

    JR Baggins
    Jeffersonville, IN

    P. S. please tell Mr. Biggs and Mr. Snipps that the free masons would not comment on who their front businesses are!

  3. alanboardman says:

    There is a big party coming up in Forestville so I will pass your message along to Biggs and Snipps.

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