Jellybean Rides Again

April 23, 2011

Jellybean's cure all

I hope this is the last Jellybean story for awhile.

Dan Blazjowski, forty year old snow plow driver, rolled over in his bed early Tuesday morning, but suddenly awoke to sounds of yelling and banging.  “Get up! Get up! Get up!”  His colleague Jellybean was pounding on his front door. Blazjowski struggled to get to his feet and make it downstairs. As Dan reached the final step Jellybean burst through the front door.  Jelly sat down in Blazjowki’s living room and began to eat the little chocolate donut he brought with him. “Your kid is sick,” Jelly said taking a bite.  “Do yourself a favor and call in sick today.”

Dan thought this was nuts.  “Don’t ask me how I know, I just know,” the disheveled Jellybean said as he began to nervously pace about the room now frantically smoking a cigarette.

Jellybean then opened his gym bag and gave Blazjowski some Nyquil and a bottle of unmarked medicine. “This will help trust me,” Jellybean said as he jumped to his feet. “I have to go but don’t tell anyone I was here. You never saw me, the medicine or the bag.” He then darted out the door to a waiting rental car leaving a trail of smoke behind him.

Jellybean drove off into the morning darkness leaving Blazjowski standing alone in his doorway shaking his head in wonderment.