Hurricane Irene comes to Forestville

August 29, 2011

Looking south on Center Street

The Pequabuck River overflowed its banks yesterday during Hurricane Irene leaving one man  missing when his canoe capsized in the river.  Rescue workers began searching the river area near Nuchie’s for the canoeist after 4PM.

Normally a sedate tributary of the Farmington River, the Pequabuck raged as water pounded the center of the Ville causing damage to businesses and homes to be evacuated.

Forestville Center

As word spread about deteriorating conditions in Forestville’s flood zone, hundreds gathered throughout the day to take pictures and video of the historic flood.

Memorial Boulevard

While the destruction of Forestville seemed imminent, news from the mothership (Bristol) was not much better.  The Coppermine Brook on Route 6 overflowed flooding Staples and nearby parking lots, and Memorial Boulevard looked like a disaster zone with tree branches, tree stumps, sand, dirt and mud scattered everywhere along the roadway.  Stately Floors appeared to be teetering on the brink of collapse into the Pequabuck and employees from Bristol Auto Parts (NAPA) were feverishly removing water from the store front, which rests atop the normally quiet river.

Stately Floors

Staples and Coppermine Brook


Forestville Prepares for Hurricane Irene

August 27, 2011

Forestville residents gassing up

Hurricane Irene will arrive in Forestville after midnight Sunday.  As a result, residents of the Ville have been busying themselves with various preperations.  The Pine Street Plaza has seen longer than expected gas lines since Friday.  Several gas stations located at the mothership (Bristol) ran out of gas yesterday prompting many to come to the Pine Street Plaza to fulfill their petro needs.