Forestville Update: Sidewalks, Party & Cell Phone Tower

October 3, 2012

The new sidewalks are here! The new sidewalks are here!

This…is Forestville for Wednesday October 3, 2012.

The sidewalks constructed in the center of the village are complete and citizens are enjoying the new walk ways as there has been brisk foot traffic. A ribbon cutting ceremony planned for the grand opening was abruptly canceled when the ribbon failed to arrive.

John and Barbara Deavers will be having their annual Halloween party on October 27th. Invitations are going out the end of this week.

A 23 year old Forestville resident wants a cell tower in Forestville village. “Bristol has one why can’t we? I am tired of my calls not going through,” said an agitated Lloyd Mobley at the canceled ribbon cutting ceremony.

Village life is difficult. The summers are long; the winters longer and everything else is in between.

Good night Forestville…and good luck.