Unknown Man Visits Forestville

December 15, 2013

Unknown Man spotted Friday in Forestville

An unknown man was in the center of Forestville Friday afternoon along the sidewalk between Nuchies and 150 Central. 


Wearing non-descript clothing, locals had no idea who he was or what he was doing in Forestville. 

He met with no one, spoke with no one and left with no one.  He came…he saw…he left. 

Most perplexing.


Hello Again Forestville

December 13, 2013
Hello Forestville!
I am back! I think. Well, I hope. Happy to see me?  Did you miss me? I missed you.
Post concussion syndrome is not much fun.
Currently, the plan is to post stories again about the ville.
Enjoy the photo. The world famous Route 72 at night.