Popular Water Pipe Sees Little Water, Residents Concerned

July 27, 2014


A popular water pipe located in the center of Forestville near the train tracks between Nuchie’s and the Ultimate Companies has not seen much water going through its concrete cylinder lately.

Over the years Forestville residents have taken pictures and brought their families and friends to see the pipe hoping to get a glimpse of water. Unfortunately visitors to the pipe Saturday witnessed only a few drips and are concerned.

“It’s too bad,” said one person who refused to identify herself, “because it is a nice little pipe.” Added another, “I hope some water goes through there soon.”

Rain is expected this week so the water will see increased usage.


Area Man Crosses Street No Problem

July 26, 2014


Forestville resident Jarod Hegel crossed Central Street Saturday evening around 8:30 on his way to Cumberland Farms without incident. “I don’t understand what the big deal is,” said a content Hegel. “There was no oncoming traffic. It was easy. ”

Hegel has no immediate plans to cross the street again.