Mayor to Ban “Dog-Earing” Books at the Manross Library

November 29, 2014
Manross Library

Manross Library

Since becoming mayor, Ken Cockayne has attacked blight in the village of Forestville. Now he has set his sights on combating the menacing and deeply troubling problem of dog-earing library books at the Manross Library.

Calling it a “perilous and urgent issue facing the inhabitants of Forestville” in a meeting with staffers. The mayor later expanded his view when he told library employees, “We must guard against the folding down of the corners in a library book for the sole purpose of a bookmark. While I recognize the imperative need of a bookmark we must not fail to comprehend the grave consequences because it damages books from which there is no turning back.”

It is not known what actions he can take but suspending water fountain privileges or access to the bathrooms are under consideration by the mayor.

Calling it his top priority the mayor will address the problem in his next State of the City Address.

A dog-eared book

A dog-eared book


Snow Falls from Sky as Panic Grips Forestville

November 26, 2014

Stop & Shop under siege

Stop & Shop under siege

The fear of being buried alive in five inches of snow, forced panic stricken Forestville residents to descend upon Stop & Shop to gather food supplies over the last two days.

The avalanche of snow started around 10:00 AM this morning and is expected to end near midnight.

So far authorities reported that one man fell on a sidewalk and another man could not start his snow blower.

One observer to these events remarked, “What is it going to take for the governor to declare a state of emergency for Pete sake?”


Forestville Passengers Succeed Boarding Commuter Bus

November 22, 2014


Early this morning a CT Transit commuter bus successfully dropped off and picked up several passengers at the bus stop located at the Thomas W. Quinlan Forestville Veterans Park on Broad Street.

The passengers carefully boarded and found seats almost immediately on the nearly empty bus.  Upon the passengers taking their seats the bus was put into gear and resumed its route according to eyewitnesses.

It was not known at press time if the bus arrived at its next destination on time.

Academy Street Voted Happiest Street in Readers Poll

November 17, 2014


Academy Street

Academy Street

Blessed with lush green trees and plenty of man-made splendor (street lights, sidewalks and good pavement) Academy Street was voted the happiest street in Forestville by residents.

It is not uncommon for motorists driving along Washington Street or Church Avenue to be in a dour mood, but upon directing their vehicles on to Academy Street to be suddenly awash with joy and happiness and a constant smile on their face too.

Forestville’s happiest roadway boasts three entry points by road and offers commercial and residential properties as part of its magical and blissful beauty.

Academy Street’s vistas to the south end most notably include the green, the train tracks and the Pequabuck River.  While to the north it is a glimpse of Washington Street.

The poll was conducted by the Forestville Tourist Association’s in-house newsletter.


Local Man Takes Building for Granted

November 8, 2014

East Main 02

Melvin Mervin, a man with a tired face and a short manner, walked past the brick structure at 61 East Main Street in Forestville today and paid no attention to it.  “It don’t bother me I don’t bother it,” says Melvin.

The building is located in the heart of Forestville’s Industrial Center and was the former home of the Sessions Clock Company.

Melvin said he expects to walk past it next week too. “Will it still be there?  I don’t know so I will deal with it then.”