Forestville Resident Makes Paper Footballs for a Living

The Forestville Paper Football Company

The Forestville Paper Football Company

The Forestville Business Association welcomed the newest business to the village, the Forestville Paper Football Company, with a ribbon cutting ceremony Wednesday morning.

Paper football is a popular table top game in which a single sheet of paper is folded into a small triangle, and pushed back and forth across a table by two opposing players at opposite ends. The game is mostly played by school kids during indoor recess or by bored, unmotivated employees during lunch breaks or when their boss is not watching.

Due to its popularity, Forestville resident Bob Knepper is betting that making small paper triangles in his garage will be a lucrative home business. As a result he has spent hundreds of dollars on paper supplies. Mr. Knepper’s paper triangles come in multiple sizes, colors and paper stock and retail for $9.99.

Obviously paper footballs can be made in a matter of seconds by anyone but Mr. Knepper is not concerned that it will affect business, “Why would any person take the time to fold a piece of paper on their own when they have someone else do it for them for a little under ten bucks. I don’t get it.”

Neither do I Bob, neither do I.


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