What’s in a Name?

Circle Street

Circle Street

Circle Street is a .3 mile road off of Central Street that is home to the Forestville Cemetery, the Zion Church and a little over twenty houses.

However the Friends of Forestville, a local community group, recently had Circle Street surveyed and believe the name of the road should be changed. “It does not go in a circle it just loops so why call it Circle Street? It’s dishonest and must be renamed,” said Silas Minutia the group’s president.

“When drivers turn on to this road they expect to be driving in a circle but they soon discover it’s a polygon at best. It sends a message to everyone that the people of Forestville are liars,” Minutia said.

The Friends of Forestville wrote several letters to the Department of Public Works demanding the road be renamed, but the letters went unanswered so they plan to start a petition to have the road name changed.

“Euclid was a famous mathematician and he wrote some of the most studied books in the history of mankind. I suggest the DPW read one and discover the circle. This is embarrassing,” Minutia sniffled to supporters while preparing the petition.

Satellite view of Circle Street

Satellite view of Circle Street


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