Getting to Second Base

April 21, 2015
Second base

Second base

Baseball has many rules that have lasted and been modified through the centuries. But that does not matter to one parent from wanting a change at Forestville Little League.

Little League commonly has three coaches on each team and when one team is hitting there is a coach at first base, third base and one in the dugout. Eileen Zapata, a mother of two, wants FLL to have a second base coach instructing the children that make it to second base.
“How come there is no coach at second base mentoring these children? The runners at first and third receive preferential treatment and I want to put an end to it.”

It does not matter to Mrs. Zapata that there is no second base coach at any level of baseball. “I see nine, ten and even eleven year old boys all the time standing on second base. They are alone, frightened and confused because they are receiving no guidance or instruction and that is wrong.”

No word on when she plans on raising this with the board.


Warren G. Harding Society of Forestville

April 3, 2015
St. Joseph Polish Society Building

St. Joseph Polish Society Building

The Warren G. Harding Society of Forestville gathers in secret once a month at the St. Joseph Polish Society Building to honor the 29th President of the United States.

Members must resemble the former president both in dress and physicality and they are encouraged to write poorly, bribe one another and have sultry affairs just as Harding did.

Although considered the worst chief executive in the nation’s history, the society carries on with a Warren G. Harding Look at Like Contest and a Warren G. Harding Talent Show where members compose and perform original songs about old “Wobbly Warren.”

This May the society will sponsor a Sadie Hawkins Dance for high school students that look like President Harding. Proceeds from the dance are to be donated to the Warren G. Harding High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, after bribes are paid in the same manner as The Teapot Dome scandal in tribute to the former president.

Warren G. Harding

Warren G. Harding