Vacant Lot Fest 2015

May 9, 2015
Vacant Lot

Vacant Lot

Vacant lot enthusiasts from across the country will descend on Forestville for Vacant Lot Fest 2015 this June. This is the third time Vacant Lot Fest has come to Forestville and the timing could not be any better because the property at located 43 E. Main Street is now barren. The brick building that had been there since 1920 was recently demolished because it was falling into the Pequabuck River.

Legions of vacant lot fans annually attend such festivals and Forestville never leaves them disappointed. “It wouldn’t be Forestville if there weren’t a vacant lot somewhere,” said John Singer, a vacant lot enthusiast from Southington.

Vacant Lot Fest consists of autograph signings by vacant lot property owners, panel discussions, debris from former buildings, face painting, dunk tanks and a Saturday evening tour of all the vacant lots at dusk. “Forestville really knows how to do this right,” Singer said.

For Vacant Lot Fest attendees much of the excitement comes just from meeting others who share the same interest. “I thought I was the only one into this but I’m not,” Singer said excitedly, while standing at the empty lot at 259 E. Main Street. “It’s going to be so cool hanging with others who share this interest.”

Singer was in Forestville checking out the new attraction prior to the festival because he could not wait to see it, “I heard there was another vacant lot in Forestville so I just had to be here to see it myself before the festival.”

Vacant Lot Fest 2015 will be held the last Saturday in June and attendees are to gather in the empty lot near Todd Street at 10 AM. Tickets can be bought from the Forestville Tourism Association.

43 E. Main Street

43 E. Main Street


Local Man Invents Sexy Body Armor

May 1, 2015
Sexy Kevlar

Sexy Kevlar

In today’s world it is not a bad idea to always be wearing a bulletproof vest, but unfortunately most bulletproof vests are not fashionable.

Well, Forestville resident and entrepreneur Bob Knepper plans to open a body armor boutique for fashion conscience women. Forestville’s female residents will be able to wear tactical gear that is form fitting with sexy Kevlar helmets, alluring blunt trauma pads and seductive chiffon tactical ballistic shields.

All of Knepper’s tactical apparel will come in a variety of colors. So if you’re looking for a ballistic bomb blanket to snuggle take your pick from lavender, pink carnation, golf green, scuba blue, burnt sienna, cerulean, scarlet, dandelion, robin’s egg blue, candy pink and periwinkle.

Also, what woman does not like to accessorize to help her stand out? Ladies you will be able to accessorize your body armor with Kevlar handbags, anklets and belts.

No word on when Kneeper’s body armor fashion boutique will open but he promises it will be soon and in the heart of Forestville. I can’t wait!