Local Man Invents Sexy Body Armor

Sexy Kevlar

Sexy Kevlar

In today’s world it is not a bad idea to always be wearing a bulletproof vest, but unfortunately most bulletproof vests are not fashionable.

Well, Forestville resident and entrepreneur Bob Knepper plans to open a body armor boutique for fashion conscience women. Forestville’s female residents will be able to wear tactical gear that is form fitting with sexy Kevlar helmets, alluring blunt trauma pads and seductive chiffon tactical ballistic shields.

All of Knepper’s tactical apparel will come in a variety of colors. So if you’re looking for a ballistic bomb blanket to snuggle take your pick from lavender, pink carnation, golf green, scuba blue, burnt sienna, cerulean, scarlet, dandelion, robin’s egg blue, candy pink and periwinkle.

Also, what woman does not like to accessorize to help her stand out? Ladies you will be able to accessorize your body armor with Kevlar handbags, anklets and belts.

No word on when Kneeper’s body armor fashion boutique will open but he promises it will be soon and in the heart of Forestville. I can’t wait!


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