Limping Larry’s Limp Concerns Residents

July 25, 2015
Broad Street

Broad Street

Limping Larry was spotted limping through the center of Forestville last week and citizens are concerned.

Residents believe Larry’s limp casts Forestville in a poor light because he is faking it. They say he goes from limping on his right leg one day to limping on is left leg the next. Due to the attention he receives many feel Limping Larry has no motivation to stop limping. Consequently they asked city leaders to do something so Larry will cease embellishing his limp. Leaders have resisted these pleas so residents have taken matters into their own hands.

A woman who lives in an apartment complex near Pine Lake called the police and reported that someone was limping in the area.

Minister Reggie, the self-appointed “Limp Czar” on Broad Street, reported the matter to NBC News. “It shows the community is taking this very seriously,” he said.

Another resident Silas Minutia created SpottedLimpingLarryApp. “It lets people post geotagged footage of Larry’s last known whereabouts,” according to the apps disclaimer.

Limping Larry is famous because he walks with great difficulty by favoring his right leg over his left leg or vice versa. No one is sure.

It is rumored he uses the limp to procure food, preferential parking and companionship.


The Blank Canvas Art of Vaughn Raughn

July 20, 2015
The Blank Canvas Art of Vaughn Raughn Appearing in Forestville

The Blank Canvas Art of Vaughn Raughn Appearing in Forestville

“The Blank Canvas Art of Vaughn Raughn,” a new art exhibit by famed Forestville artist Vaughn Raughn will appear at the Art Gallery of Forestville, from Friday, when it opens with an opening reception from 5:30 to 8:30., until July 29. Mr. Raughn died in 2010.

The exhibit will be a collection of paintings that Raughn never started. Organizers say it is expected to draw crowds of people.

In addition, the gallery upstairs will announce the winners of the “How Art Helped Me Despite All the Problems I Have in my Life as a Result of the Stress I Impose Upon Myself Contest.”

Forestville Film Festival

July 15, 2015

Film Festival

The first annual Forestville Film Festival opens Saturday night at 7:00 pm and closes a half hour later.

The festival features a screening of “End Credits” a compilation of ending credits from unpopular movies and TV programs from the 1970s. It runs approximately 22 minutes.

Being the only movie to be screened at the festival, it is the favorite to win the coveted Forestville Film Festival Award.

The Forestville Film Festival is sponsored by the Forestville Chamber of Commerce and is to be held in the abandoned building on East Main Street.

Story Time at the Forestville Library

July 6, 2015
Warren Report

Warren Report

In order to encourage children to learn more about American History on Wednesday at 10 a.m., preschool age children are invited to take an adventure and read the Official Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Portions of the report will be read in a slow and deliberate manner so it will be easy to understand by local educator Lisa Baker. After, the children are encouraged to write their own Warren Report using crayons and paper provided by the library.

Friends of the Library are admitted free; Acquaintances of the Library $2.50, adults $7: and seniors $6.

Sponsored by the Warren G. Harding Society of Forestville.

Forestville Resident Claims Historic Find Regarding The Declaration of Independence

July 3, 2015
Page 2 of The Declaration of Independence

Page 2 of The Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence was ratified by Congress on July 4, 1776, and much to the disappointment of everyone, there is no invisible treasure map on the back. However, a local researcher believes after years of investigating the Declaration of Independence that he has discovered a stunning historical find, a second page.

Forestville resident Kenneth Snipps claims page 2 of the Declaration has no additional grievances or content, but it does contain valuable information. “The founders wanted to reassure the reader, particularly King George that they were not missing important information because it did not have a closing salutation such as The End, so they added a second page with the disclaimer ‘This Page Left Blank on Purpose’”, he said.

Legal analysts say this type of language is common for legal documents, manuals and exam papers, but there is no protocol for a document of this nature.

Because the Declaration was not cared for properly it is fading away so Mr. Snipps believes Page 2 is being preserved in the basement at the Conservation Lab at the U.S. National Archives, or the U.S. Patent Office, he’s not sure.

Forestville Ushers in the New Fiscal New Year with Great Success

July 1, 2015
Happy Fiscal New Year Forestville!

Happy Fiscal New Year Forestville!

As the fiscal new year approached last night, Forestville was ready for the annual celebration.

This year’s celebration included star-studded musical performances from the punk band Kitty Litter Sponge Cake, Fisted Five and Closed Casket with Limping Larry on Harmonica for a few tunes.

There were balloons, confetti and handouts about the upcoming cuts to the state budget.

Forestville Police reported that, unlike last year when revelers screamed in delight, danced atop cars and lit fires rejoicing the reckoning of state government financial statements for accounting and tax purposes, there were no incidents of debauchery or destruction of public or private property.