Help! Which one is The Patch?

August 31, 2015

Source: Help! Which one is The Patch?


Local Man Successfully Buys Gas

August 30, 2015


Solomon Weeks departed from his home around 1pm. Saturday and drove to Cumberland Farms on Church Avenue to purchase $20 worth of gasoline for his wife’s Nissan. Eyewitnesses say Mr. Weeks made small talk with the attendant prior to paying and pumping the gas himself. When the pump shut off, he secured the gas cap, got in his car and returned home safely.

He remains tight-lipped on whether he has more errands planned this weekend.


Man Hurt at Work

August 28, 2015

calculator 2

Forestville accountant Chandler Juliet injured his left index finger while using his calculator Friday and is having tests done to determine the extent of the injury.

Mr. Juliet was calculating an apportionment when his finger came up lame about an hour into his work day. He walked to the bathroom holding his finger and later sat in his office where he was seen icing the injury.

Juliet Accounting had gone 54 days with without a work related injury.

Chandler Juliet is listed as day to day.