And the winner is? Stumpy the Fire Hydrant!

September 2, 2015


Located in the heart of Forestville is Academy Street. A non-descript road to the untrained eye, but home to a church, a sidewalk and now the best fire hydrant in Forestville, Stumpy the Fire Hydrant.

Mayor Cockanye, during the award presentation said stumpy, so named by locals because he sits low to the ground, “is a gritty little fire hydrant. There is a little Stumpy in all of us.”

Stumpy is an older looking hydrant located midpoint of the road. Residents have visited Academy Street for generations, especially children during the summer months, to see Stumpy and take photos.

The Fire Hydrant of the Year Award is awarded to the fire hydrant that has made a lasting contribution to the community by the Forestville Tourist Association.


FOI This

September 1, 2015
Derek Czenczelewski (Artist Rendering)

Derek Czenczelewski
(Artist Rendering)

In recent weeks there has been a series of Freedom of Information (FOI) requests and complaints filed concerning government matters at city hall.

Despite the silliness, City GOP leader Derek Czenczelewski said Mayor Ken Cockayne is a great leader and should be reelected because he can do 25 push-ups. “The mayor can do at least 25 push-ups, which is so awesome. It shows he is a real go-getter. His democratic opponent for mayor can’t do 25 push-ups. No way. So, like no one should vote for her.”

City Democratic Chairman Dean Kilbourne is not impressed, “The mayor can do 25 push-ups? I am going to issue an FOI request and see if that is true.”

When told of Mr. Kilbourne’s plan Czenczelewski sniffed, “Really an FOI request? Well, I will issue an FOI request about his FOI request. Two can play that game,’ he said.

A spokesperson for the mayor was unaware of the recent dust up between Kilbourne and Czenczelewski. As a result she planned to issue an FOI request rather than call them to see if it were true. “Why talk to someone when you can just do an FOI request,” the spokesperson said.

Ken Cockayne (Artist Rendering)

Ken Cockayne
(Artist Rendering)