Asbestos Museum to Open in Forestville

Asbestos 02

Construction will begin soon for the Asbestos Museum being built in the historic section of Forestville.

Designers decided that visitors should truly be part of the museum. Therefore, thanks to the help of local contractors, the entire museum is made of asbestos.

Because exposure to Asbestos can be fatal, a range of personal protective equipment such as disposable masks, disposable coveralls and shoe covers must be worn by visitors and staff to protect them from exposure to airborne asbestos fibers. To remove any dust and asbestos that may be on the body, a shower in the museum is necessary at the conclusion of each tour.

If visitors purchase a “Museum Hopper” pass they can visit Forestville’s other museums such as the Watching Paint Dry Museum and the Boiling Water Museum for the price of one admission, according to the museum’s curator Erskine Dozier.

The Asbestos Museum will open in March of 2018 and once open, the museum expects to attract visitors, serving as a gateway to the other museums in the village.


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