Mayor Creates Task Force to Determine “What is Going On?”

Task Force

Task Force

City Hall has been eerily quiet since the election much in the same manner that London was quiet prior to the Blitz.

In response, the mayor will create a task force to look into the matter and determine why nothing is going on politically. “The democrats are way too quiet for my liking so I am suspicious. What are they up to a coup d’état? In fact, what am I up to? What am I doing? I don’t even know and I need to know,” the mayor said from his fortified office.

If the task force is unable to obtain those answers he will direct republican leader Derek Czenczelewski to issue FOI requests on “everybody” because “he is good at that.”

It is not known which citizens will be on the task force, however, but a leading candidate is Egor, the mayor’s spokesperson. “Me want on task force. I do best. It be funs. Errrr!” he stated proudly.

Egor wants on the task force

Egor wants on the task force


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