New ‘Fridge’ to be Delivered, Home Owners Panic Stricken

To be delivered Friday to the Tanner home

Delivery scheduled Friday

Forestville’s Ted and Nancy Tanner purchased a new refrigerator and they are concerned about their children’s reaction to losing their current refrigerator. “This is the only refrigerator they have ever known. It is part of our family. Abbie is 10 and Timmy is 7 so I don’t know how they are going to react,” a cautious Nancy Tanner said.

The new refrigerator is a 33 inch Whirlpool and is ENERGY STAR qualified with an Accu-Chill management system and features a bottom freezer. Nancy is looking forward to the delivery of the new unit while her husband Ted could really care less.

Unsure of their children’s reaction the Tanners will have grief counselors and a comfort dog available for the kids to support them during this difficult time.

The unit is scheduled to be delivered Friday between 3 and 5PM.


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