Vlad the Impaler Christmas Cards Are Back!

Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card

Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card

In 2010 two Forestville artists designed a Vlad the Impaler Christmas Card because they felt the greeting card market needed the 15th Century figure.


The card showed the Romanian ruler impaling a Christmas elf as he hung an ornament on a tree. The card proved to be popular, especially among 15th century aficionados. However, tired of hearing Vlad the Impaler cards did not have enough Christmas spirit, they replaced it with a new card featuring Genghis Khan.

Designers anticipated the founder of the Mongol Empire would evoke the festive spirit of the holiday. However, Genghis has not sold as well.

The designers realized his appeal was too regional and he wasn’t as beloved a figure as they imagined. Non-Mongolian customers pointedly complained that the emperor was an even less festive figure for the season. “Even though he marauded 800 years ago, it’s apparently still too soon to bring him back,” one of the artists said.

Too soon?

Too soon?

So, they brought the “Vlad the Impaler” card back for the holidays where it now sells exclusively at select shops in Forestville.


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