A Group of Parents Want Erasers Banned from School System

Board of Education Building

Board of Education Building

Following school last Wednesday, a group of angry parents met with Board of Education (BOE) officials because they are fuming that their children were allowed to take a standardized state test with erasers at the tip of their pencils.

BOE officials sat patiently and listened to parents complaints for several hours.

Marcy Tobins, whose daughter attends an area high school said, “I was shocked to discover that my child had access to an eraser. Allowing children to have erasers sends a message that it’s okay to make mistakes. What is wrong with you people?”

Another parent, whose son attends the same school, added, “If students did not have access to erasers it would improve test scores because it would force them to get the answers right the first time without the ability to correct their work.”

Ellen Zapata attended the meeting too and said she demands academic excellence from six of her seven children at all times. She also remarked, “Studies show using an eraser can lead to low self-esteem, drug abuse, alcoholism and truancy. Consequently, all erasers must be removed from every pencil before the kids return from their Christmas break.”

The Board of Education said it is willing to review the policy regarding erasers but offered no timetable for a decision.




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