Trade Deadline Approaching Forestville and Plymouth Look to Make Deal

Municipal Trade Deadline 2015

Municipal Trade Deadline 2015

The trade deadline for municipalities occurs at the end of the calendar year and fiscal year. So, with the end of the Gregorian calendar year looming, the trade deadline is rapidly approaching.

Municipal sources fully expect Forestville and Plymouth to make a deal regarding personnel, resources or assets.

Plymouth and Forestville trade?

Plymouth and Forestville trade?

Plymouth is really struggling due to its various scandals and needs good quality people so insiders look for them to be active here at the trade deadline. Forestville is loaded with talent but needs office supplies such as toner and paper clips. These are resources that Plymouth has so they are a perfect fit.

“I think office supplies and equipment plus other resources like sod, tar and a traffic light to be named later, could come to Forestville for a song,” said one insider. “I know Plymouth fancies Phil in Accounting over there in Forestville. He is young; he is bright and he understands basic accounting principles. However, do they have enough assets to make that happen?” questioned the insider.

Added another, “As shown with Depot Square, the mayor of Forestville and Bristol is a patient man so look for him to sell high, if needed, and buy low. The problem though? Union contracts. Does he want to take that on?”

Government observers say this deal may come right down to the wire.

The municipal trade deadline is Thursday, December 31, at 3 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Trade deadline getting close

Trade deadline getting close


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