* Friday
Mope Fest 2016

Mopey people unite.



Bring your long face to the Forestville Social Club for what organizers say will be a real brood fest. Pout, sulk, grouse and grumble all you like at the Forestville Mope Fest 2016.

The food will be bad, the surroundings terrible and the companionship worse. A brooders paradise!

There will be plenty of sour grapes for everyone.

7PM to 1AM Forestville Social Club
Tickets are still available.

* Saturday
Learn how to take a nap.

Receive tips from world renowned power napper Hirohito Tumasani in this intensive two hour workshop. Be the envy of your friends, family and co-workers!

Following the workshop, Forestville Historian, Lincoln Baines Cafey, will present evidence that the nap was invented in Norway, and was Norway’s only contribution to the Renaissance during the 14th century.

1PM to 3PM Manross Library
Tickets are still available.

* Sunday
Edward Clarkin Luncheon

Edward Clarkin

Edward Clarkin

Come one come all folks!

Beloved writer Edward Clarkin will be recognized by city leaders for his journalistic contributions to the community.

From reviews of restaurants to court judges Mr. Clarkin has dedicated his professional life to writing, journalism and integrity.

Congratulations Edward!

11AM to 2PM Nuchie’s
Tickets are still available.


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