Medieval Games to be Part of School Sports Programs?

Jousting could become part of the sports programs

Jousting tryouts coming soon

The medieval period lasted from the 5th century to the 15th century. It was a time of art, mathematics, science, architecture and innovation. But it was also a time of invasion, brutality, barbarianism and ruthless athletic competition.

Based on a report published by the consulting firm Landry, Issel and Escalanté, which found student athletes lack physical and mental toughness, the Forestville Board of Education (BOE) announced it wants to add medieval sports to the athletic curriculum in order to make student athletes tougher.

Among the pugilistic sports under consideration are jousting, sword duels, archery, hunting and Irish stick fighting, wherein the combatants strike each other with a baton until someone is bloodied or hurt.

The Forestville Association of Parents (FAP) has advocated for these sports for many years so they are thrilled with the announcement. Irma Bies, president of FAP, remarked, “I regularly engage my boys physically, whether it is sparring or a good game of chicken with a lance, so I support activities of this nature. I also think the school day should start earlier, end later, and there should be no study halls.”

The BOE said it has not decided when the sports will be added.

Irish Stick Fighting

Irish Stick Fighting


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