Edward Clarkin Does Not Attend the Edward Clarkin Luncheon

Edward Clarkin

Edward Clarkin

Bristol Press reporter Edward Clarkin was scheduled to be honored by city leaders and the Connecticut newspaper industry Sunday at Nuchie’s for his journalistic achievements and outstanding coverage of Nevada, but no one attended, including Mr. Clarkin.

It was a surprising turn of events for the well-known and trusted local reporter. No one involved in the event could be reached for comment, but it is thought a mix up on the venue occurred as some of the scheduled attendees were seen gathering for a party in Las Vegas that day.

A waiter at Nuchie’s was shocked. “We didn’t know what to do with all the ice cream parfaits with green de menthe. I know the owners had planned on reselling parfaits through a new business once Connecticut got a business court.”

According to his bio, Edward Clarkin is a preeminent investigative journalist and was a Fulbright scholar at George Washington University.

Before working for the Bristol Press and New Britain Herald, he interned with lesser known papers such as the Hartford Courant and New York Times and contributed food ideas to Bon Appétit the Magazine.


He rose to prominence with his reporting from the front lines in the Middle East with NBC’s Brian Williams. For this, he received a Courage in Journalism Award and an honorary doctorate from a local university.

Recently, he was accused of plagiarism and journalistic malpractice by his peers and media outlets, which his publicist says have ties to Al Qaeda. According to his current employer The Bristol Press, Mr. Clarkin is away on assignment and unavailable for comment.

Tickets purchased for the luncheon will not be refunded.


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