ESPN Unveils New Network For Playground Sports

ESPN Kids coming in March

ESPN Kids coming in March

The sports network ESPN, based in Bristol, a stone’s throw from Forestville, are set to launch their latest network, ESPN Kids this coming March, according to sources.

ESPN Kids will exclusively cover middle school and grammar school athletes by broadcasting live coverage of playground sports such as Foursquare, Kick the Can, Keep Away, Leapfrog, Paper football, Simon Says, and Hide-and-go-seek.

The network will launch at the end of April with the third grade Red Rover Championships from Oregon City, Oregon, the unofficial Red Rover capital of the world.

ESPN executives say the network will also cover kickball tournaments throughout the United States in May leading to the championships to be played in Disney at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in mid-June.

The channel will also tackle hard hitting issues in playground sports like the high incidence of injury from “Ring Around the Rosie.”

Also, in late September, ESPN will launch ESPN Preschool, which will cover preschool travel athletes.

ESPN Preschool Sports is coming

ESPN Preschool Sports is coming

Tre Hyatt, a 3 year old at Rosemount Nursery School in Portland, Maine, told the gathered media he was excited about competing against other preschool athletes on TV, “I want to do this my whole entire life,” Tre said with his mother and father’s encouragement.

ESPN denied charges that they were exploiting children for profit in a statement, “We deny we are exploiting children for profit.”

ESPN Preschool will feature over 1,000 live preschool sporting events each year, with pre and post-game shows.



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