The Worm Rescue Shelter

The Worm Rescue Shelter

The Worm Rescue Shelter in the historic section of Forestville rescues abandoned and neglected worms. They have been providing quality care and sanctuary since 2005.

Volunteers routinely groom and feed the worms and socialize them with other insect larva such as grubs and maggots prior to adoption.

Types of Worms

There are a multitude of worm species to adopt, but the most popular are Comfort Worms, which provide affection and comfort to people in need.

Search their database for the worm best suited for you, your family and your lifestyle.

Adoption Process

The process to adopt a worm is joyous.

If you adopt a worm there will be a background check and a Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test to assess your aptitude.

You will provide information regarding your citizenship, residence, education, employment history; family and associates plus foreign connections, travel destinations and character references.

Additionally, you must submit copies of your last two federal tax filings, paycheck stubs, credit reports, and a list of assets including, real estate holdings, bank statements, investments and mutual funds.

Also, proof of two DNA product submissions to an authenticated sequencing facility is required. However, ambiguities in sequence data could arise due to compromised sequencing. Consequently, new samples may be necessary.

The Worm Rescue Shelter is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Ad Council


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