Now We Start The Inquisition

Human History

During the course of human history, inhumane crimes have been committed impacting the fate of civilization such as man-made famine, forced extinction, and ethnic cleansing.

Now, in the first century of the third millennium, emerges a major and critical revelation. Historians say it is one of the most reprehensible moments known to man.

Scholars believe it will inspire films, novels, essays and works of art.

Theologians claim the act is so vile, despicable and hideous, forgiveness should not be sought and forgiveness should not be given, so dark is the moment.

If children remain in the room currently they should leave now. I’ll wait.

countdown 03

Have they exited the room yet?

Countdown 02

I trust they have left.

Countdown 01

My profound apologies before I continue. You were warned. Last chance.

countdown 0

Okay, here we go.

According to a “friend” a town councilor bought a home out of his voting district and will live there. Shocking, I know. He told me this with his head hung low and in hushed mumbled tones.

Apparently, everyone is an advocate for transparency in government when it is at the detriment of the other side politically. Consequently, the offended party is feigning indignation.

Maybe they will urge the mayor to form an investigative body like The Un-American Activities Committee.

Perhaps they will urge the mayor to hold hearings like Watergate.

Or, perchance, they will demand the mayor allow them to harshly question the guilty party like The Inquisition.

Maybe. Maybe not.

Who knew that among the most important documents ever written by man such as the Magna Carta, The Declaration of Independence, and The Emancipation Proclamation includes a Property Deed?


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