Doomsday Clock Coming to Forestville

Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock, used to measure the countdown to global catastrophe and the World’s End, is coming to The American Clock & Watch Museum in the Bristol section of Forestville in the spring.

DSCN7029This is the first public exhibition of the clock and it is expected that devotees and fans will make the pilgrimage to the area. The Doomsday Clock Exposition will last three days and visitors can expect an increased level of security at the museum.

The clock has been stuck at three minutes to midnight since January of 2015 so horologists (persons skilled in the art or science of measuring time) and clock watchers alike fear there is a problem with the minute hand. So, they plan to rewind the clock, oil the gears and remove the dust while it is here.

This has been a week of coups for Forestville and Bristol. Last week it was learned that the Shroud of Turin may be brought to Dee’s Cleaners & Laundromat on Farmington Avenue by The Holy See for a cleaning, and late yesterday the Forestville Historical Society discovered a copy of The Declaration of Independence will be sent to them to be spell checked.



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