Coins Stolen by Leopold Antek


Leopold Antek subtly stole coins from unsuspecting friends for over 20 years and the resulting collection will be on display at the Forestville Social Club this weekend.

The exhibit consists of over 4,000 coins personally stolen by Mr. Antec, which he calls his life’s work, are in various denominations and currencies.

The event is sponsored by the Garner Correctional Institute in Newtown, Connecticut, where Leopold Antek is currently an inmate.



Forestville resident and ghostwriter Hollis Quinn will appear at the Manross Library regarding his latest writing project.

Due to the confidentiality agreement, however, between Mr. Quinn, the publisher and the credited author, he will not be allowed to speak, sign autographs or pose for photographs.

Time unknown.

Refreshments will be not be provided.


Commuter Lot Day!


Join friends, neighbors and commuters for a fun filled day at the commuter parking lot on Todd Street. Swap stories about traffic congestion, commuting costs, carpools, vanpools and more. There will be plenty of activities and cupcakes too!

1PM to 3PM.

There is no admission fee as it is a free form event.



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