Towns Ready Themselves For Sunshine This Weekend


Forestville and the surrounding communities have experienced plenty of snow and clouds most recently, but meteorologists say, despite the bitter cold temperatures this weekend there is good news to report, sunshine is on the way.

Donald Dead, a meteorologist with The National Weather Service, said, “Sunlight is always a welcomed sight especially during the winter.”

The mayor of Forestville/Bristol expressed concern, though, “The sun is really confusing. It shows up at different times each day and sometimes not at all. Also, the sun is hot, but it’s really could outside right now. I don’t get that, do you?”

Mayor Stewart of New Britain remarked, “I am in constant communication by phone, text, email, letter, cable – whatever – with Public Works, my assistants, taxpayer’s – everyone, about that sun. I want to know: Is the sun up? Is it down? Where did it go? Is it behind a cloud? If so, which one? How much daylight do we have left? What about sunlight? Are they the same thing? And why is it freezing cold if the sun is shining? Tell me. Tell me now. I need information!”

Robert E. Lee, the Town Manager of Plainville stated, “I am just a town manager and not a mayor so no one tells me anything about the sun or the cold air even though I have been dealing with them my entire life.”

The sun will rise early in the morning and go down prior to nightfall all weekend.

Cold temperatures are expected for the remainder of the winter season.


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