Silicon Valley Move Over — Forestville Showcases Its Own Start-Ups at Business Expo


The best and the brightest innovators and entrepreneurs Forestville has to offer will be showing up at the town’s own home and business show this weekend.

Some of the innovators working on the cutting edge of technology include Fred Gamble. “People are tired of connecting to who they call immediately,” he said. “It’s boring, lifeless. People nowadays want a warm friendly voice to connect them to their call. I would hire friendly women to do this; I call them ‘switchboard operators’.”

Jann Stevenson has a different problem. He’s looking for seed funding to finish his time machine. “Well, it hasn’t exactly worked yet,” said the disheveled unmarried man of 42. “I haven’t got it to go back in time, but one time I got stuck inside it and couldn’t get out until several minutes into the future. I feel certain that with more funding, it could be several hours.”

Also, appearing at the event is a Silicon Valley based start-up called The Thermal Hot Chocolate Company.

The Thermal Hot Chocolate Company produces the world’s first solar powered hot chocolate. Using the sun’s UV rays they claim they can make scalding hot chocolate last a lifetime.

Executives admit the idea is groundbreaking, revolutionary and innovative. But the technology is unproven, unreliable and unregulated. And the product is not drinkable, not tasty and not profitable.



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