Live from Hartford it is CT-N 24/7!

CT N 04

A bill currently before the Connecticut State Legislature if passed will expand the Connecticut Television Network (CT-N) to 24 hours. The cable network currently broadcasts state government hearings and other related functions on a limited basis.

Under the 24 hour format they will cover more proceedings, including news conferences, election coverage and executive state agency hearings, meetings and original content. Staff members are excited because this may allow them to finally use more than one camera and a professional microphone.

Government officials applaud this proposal, “Last legislative session we broadcast a state senator doing a puppet show for the first lady and it pulled in monster ratings. With more original content I am convinced we will be a strong competitor to Netflix,” said Henri Martin, who represents Connecticut’s 31st Senatorial District, which includes Bristol, Harwinton, Plainville, Plymouth and Thomaston and appears on CT-N as “Gonzo Bonkers.”

Among the original content being considered is a game show called, Guess Whose Moving Out of State?, State House of Cards, and a daytime drama, As the Legislature Turns.

State hearings sponsored by the sleep supplement, COMA

State hearings sponsored by the sleep supplement, COMA

Government watchers hope committee hearings can now be sponsored too. For example CT-N coverage would begin with a voice-over narration announcing, “This Aging Committee Hearing is made possible by COMA, the sleep tablet; a long term medical answer, to a short term lifestyle problem.”


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