Writing Useless Legislation

legislation for dummies

The story that will not go away just will not go away.

Forestville/Bristol state legislators Whit Betts, Cara Pavalock and Henri Martin will be embarking on a national tour this summer to promote the book they recently authored entitled, Writing Useless Legislation For Dummies.

The book comes on the heels of their recent legislative initiative. The trio authored a bill forbidding town councilors from representing one district while living in another. As a result they decided to chronicle their efforts into a book.

Town republicans have come apart at the seams regarding Bristol Councilman Calvin Brown’s residency issue. So, Betts, Pavalock and Martin put forth their proposal because they felt their views must be adopted by the 169 municipalities in the state.

In a press release about the reference book they said, “Writing Useless Legislation For Dummies is a guide for politicians to write unnecessary, trivial and pointless legislation like ours.”

Tips 01
The book retails for $20.00 but if you wait for the paperback to come out you can snag it for $10.00. Or, used bookstores and consignment might even give it away.


The tour will visit book stores, libraries, bars, piano recitals – anywhere that will have them. No dates have been announced yet.

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