New Handicapped Sign Proposal Sparks Controversy

Proposed  modernized handicapped image

Proposed modernized handicapped image

Recently, Governor Malloy introduced legislation to modernize parking signs for people with disabilities and it’s been met with controversy.

Sara Lee, head of a local clinic who counsels people with a need for self-amputation, objects to the new sign, saying it “Glamorizes being handicapped to young children.”

Crime Scene Cleaner, Cabot Willer was upset as well and commented, “This new sign looks cool so people will now want to be handicapped so they too can look cool.”

Others believe the new sign is merely about political correctness. Malloy denied the charge saying, “These new signs will help change the perception of the public about handicapped people, that they aren’t people with handicaps, but people who have handicaps.”

In response to protests, the governor revised his statement from using the word “handicapped” to “differently abled”.

Still facing protests, a second revision changed “differently abled” to the currently accepted term, “wheelchair enthusiasts.”

It is unclear how residents of Forestville/Bristol will react to this proposal should it pass. Just last week many residents organized rallies against winter and the cold temperatures.

Despite the differing views the governor indicated that the current handicapped symbol is almost 50 years old and that he wants to update other “outdated signs” as well starting with the WRONG WAY sign. “It is awfully presumptuous of us to presume we know where a motorist is going these days,” he said.

Wrong Way 04


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