Local Paper Clip Seeks Elective Office

Artists rendering of Paulie the Paper Clip

Artists rendering of Paulie the Paper Clip

Dissatisfied with local politicians, a two inch paper clip known as Paulie the Paper Clip, has declared his candidacy for the state legislature. “The state is falling apart. It needs someone who has experience keeping things together, like I do with multiple sheets of paper,” Paulie boasted at the press conference announcing his candidacy late Wednesday afternoon at Nuchie’s.

The always upbeat Paulie is a two inch silver piece of wire, formed into a loop. His current duties with Landry, Issel and Escalanté, a Forestville based consulting firm, require him to hold several sheets of paper together.

Due to his nomadic nature his exact residence is unknown. Therefore, he has not decided if he should run in the 77th District verses Cara Pavalock or against Henri Martin in the 31st District. “I don’t want to run against Whit (Betts) or take Frank’s (Nicastro) seat when he retires because I think they would both try to put me through the shredder,” Paulie remarked.

Despite his paranoia and the potential domicile problem, he believes he can get things done at the state legislature. “Unlike all of my potential opponents I am a unifying force it’s what I do ” he proudly said.


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