USS Hartford Breaks Through Ice at Arctic Circle; May Not Be Able to Break Back Through

sub 02

New video footage shows the nuclear submarine USS Hartford emerging at the Arctic Circle. The submarine was covered in thick ice so a quick work force was thrown together to clear the ice upon surfacing.

However, consistent with it being named after a city in Connecticut, Navy officials may have a harder time getting it back in the water after realizing they may not have enough money to return it from Arctic.

Union officials say they’re open to negotiations to reduce manpower costs. “We agree that five spotters to watch the sub return below the surface could be more than what is needed. But rules do mandate hiring three people to drink coffee and watch the spotters — that is non-negotiable.”

Another stumbling block is that EPA rules require that all ice that is broken be replaced once they leave. Currently, the Navy has contracted Halliburton to fly in ten artificial snow makers to do the job.

EPA mandates also require that trees be planted in the area to offset carbon emissions from the submarine. At present, efforts by Navy servicemen to get trees to grow in plain ice have so far failed.

Story developing…



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