Forestville Woman Worries

Worrying 03

Forestville resident Malika Robinson is successful. She works; she is married, has children, pays taxes and owns a home. However, she worries, a lot. Contrary to her husband Demarco, who currently is just worried about his NCAA tournament bracket, Malika worries about everything.

While lying in bed Saturday night she tossed and turned and ruminated about the following:

Did I shut the water off on the washing machine?
Did the hose get rolled up?
Did I buy birthday presents?
Did I sign the kid’s permission slips?
What time does Walmart open?
Do we have enough laundry detergent?
What time do the kids get out when it is a half day?
Where are the cats?
How many days until Christmas?
Will the UPS driver leave my package out in the rain?
Did I buy apples to make apple sauce?
Did the kids brush their teeth before they went bed?
Did I brush my teeth before I went bed?
When will my husband clean the garage?
Where is my husband?
Do I still have a husband?
What is my husband’s name?

That is while trying to fall asleep.

The following night the postulations continue:

What was that noise I heard in the attic?
What will happen if I stop breathing?
Is the FDA suppressing cures for diseases?
Is there human DNA in hotdogs?
What is pseudoscience and why is it gaining ground?
Do UN Member States negotiate fairly?
How could there have been two shooters in Dallas?
What is going on in neuroscience, economics, philosophy, physics, psychology, and biology?
Is the Boulevard really going to be one lane?
Why did Charlie at the office only drink a half of cup of coffee today?

Psychologists say women have a predisposition to worrying versus men who tend to worry when they need to worry. “Why should I worry? She does the worrying for everybody,” Demarco remarked while playing video games with his buddies.

That is little comfort for Malika. “It’s true I do worry. I am worried about this article. Will anyone read it t? Are there any typos? What’s the word count? Will the lead be buried? Will your audience want to read it? If not is it my fault?”


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